hi, i'm heather and this is my sub-par band blog. 90% green day because they're the best. have a nice day! c:

Billie dropped out halfway through his senior year. He gave a copy of our first album to his English teacher. She gave it back to him with red marks all over it. That record sold over a million copies. Fuck. You.

Mike Dirnt, Alternative Press (via andr0id)

You are so cute and your boyfriend too. I'm jealous ok.

Who is this? You’re so sweet 🙈❤️
Thanks, darling.

you're so cute

No you’re so cute. 😘

you're beautiful

You too. ❤️

You are absolutely gorgeous, over the time I've seen you have some struggles but don't ever let them get you down. You are an amazing person and I'm so happy to have known you. Never forget who you are, and always remember you're perfect. I love you.

Austin stop being cute