hi, i'm heather and this is my sub-par band blog. 90% green day because they're the best. have a nice day! c:
Aw that's so cute :) tell us all what's so great about him so the boys can take notes heh :P

Omg there’s so much.
-He always has his phone on so that I can call if I need to. Always.
-He takes time to understand my disability and mental health shit so that he can help me the best.
-He is the perfect mixture of sweet and badass.
-He treats me like a normal human being even though I’m covered in scars and I walk differently.
-He tolerates my band obsessions and music bc he knows how important music is to me and how big of a part it has in my life.
-He never pressures me to do anything, sexual or otherwise.
-He is honest and opinionated, and he isn’t afraid to debate.
-He is super intelligent but humble at the same time. Too humble if you ask me.
-He doesn’t let anyone bring him down.
-He has a shitty living situation but I complain more than he does.
-He calls me babygirl and makes a point to send me goodnight and good morning texts.
-I could go on and on.

Basically: I don’t deserve this perfect human being.

6 months...... I can barely make a relationship last 6 weeks, let alone 6 months.

Don’t worry anon I thought I’d be single again after a month. This is my first relationship too. Austin is just too great. 😌

Wow 6 months, congrat! :)